Corporate Social Responsability

Quality management, occupational risk prevention, social responsibility and environmental management are fundamental guides for pursuing our activities and those of all the people and suppliers who support our daily work.

From day one, our collaborators and suppliers receive different materials and training that help them to understand and integrate into our culture.

At Sertrans we have a great diversity of collaborators with over 15 nationalities and different age ranges, genders, religions, sexual orientations and more. We commit to respecting all regulations regarding working ages and to report situations that may affect the integrity of the people who are part of our group. We also pledge to never practice or support the use of forced or compulsory labour and we demand all these same commitments from our suppliers.

We have been concerned with maintaining a quality management system to guarantee that our services meet each client’s specifications and requirements and we take care to extend our policies to our suppliers that comply in the same way.

Our Occupational Risk Prevention Department provides training to staff, indicating the associated risks according to each area, and different individual protection equipment is provided for each job.

We carry out many different actions to be more environmentally friendly, such as plans to reduce the consumption of water and electricity per person, recycling campaigns and waste reduction activities. Our fundamental strategy is to frequently update our fleet and thereby stay ahead of technology and reduce CO2 emissions for every kilometre we travel.