Cookies Policy

This website uses third-party cookies to improve the user experience, preserve their preferences, offer related services and obtain aggregated anonymous data that give us usage statistics. By registering on the website and/or simply browsing (with the browser enabled to accept cookies) the user accepts the installation of cookies, unless they oppose it, as reported in our Cookies Policy.

Our Cookies Policy is subject to periodic updates. Its purpose is to help you to understand our use of cookies, the purpose of the cookies used and the user’s options to manage them.

Users can access this information at any time through the link provided on the website. Likewise, they may change their preferences regarding the acceptance of cookies through the options on their browser.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of information and are downloaded to the user’s device when visiting a website. The cookies are then sent back to the originating website (first-party cookies) or to other websites (third-party cookies). Cookies allow a website to recognise a user’s device, facilitating browsing, remembering preferences and generally improving the user’s experience, helping to provide information and services related to the user’s interests.

Cookies can be “session cookies”, meaning they will be deleted once the user leaves the website that generated them, or “persistent cookies”, which remain on your computer until a certain date.

Likewise, a website can have its own cookies, managed by the domain that the user accesses and from which a certain service is requested or “third-party cookies”, sent to the user’s computer from a domain other than the one being accessed.

Cookies used:

Analytical cookies

This website uses analytical cookies to collect statistics on user activity when visiting it and on its general activity. The information collected is anonymous and allows us to optimise users’ browsing through our website and guarantee them the best service. We use our own and third-party cookies (third-party cookies should be indicated) for analysing our website. Users can exclude their activity with the exclusion systems provided by the analytical tools.

Internal use cookies

This website uses cookies for internal use for the operation of the website. Specifically, this website uses cookies to allow user authentication, maintain the session active when users browse the website, purchase a product or service and set user-selected language preferences or manage user access to the support centre. Deactivating these cookies, by blocking cookies in the browser options, may prevent the proper functioning of some of the website’s functionalities.

Cookies used on social media sites (only if there is access to social media)

This website has installed social media buttons that allow users to share content of interest with their social circle. The cookies used by social media platforms prevent users from having to enter their data again to share said content. These buttons do not have access to the data entered by users when sharing content on a social media platform.

Cookies used by external content plugins

This website offers users content or services provided by third-party providers, such as videos hosted on YouTube or Google Maps applications. The cookies used by these providers are necessary for the user to access said service and are governed by the provisions of their respective cookies policies.

Third-party cookies for managing advertising spaces

These are cookies stored by third parties that manage the advertising spaces that users view when accessing the website. These cookies allow us to measure the effectiveness of our online campaigns, provide users with information of interest and offer them advertising content of their choice.

In accordance with their own policies, some online advertising managers may use anonymous cookies to display ads of interest to users when they visit other websites. However, users can manage the acceptance of said cookies in their browser settings. To learn more about behavioural advertising, you can visit Youronlinechoices. At this site, you can modify and manage your preferences in relation to behavioural advertising.

Use of cookies in this website

As in most pages, this website uses cookies to improve users’ experiences and allow them to interact with different social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

The use of this website may involve the use of the following cookies: (Please confirm the cookies that are used)

Name Owner Purpose   Expiry
_utma Google Analytical Used to distinguish users and sessions. 2 years since the last update
_utmb Google Analytical Used to determine new sessions or visits. 30 minutes since the last update
_utmc Google Analytical Used to determine the status of the session (open or closed). End of browsing session
_utmt Google Analytical Used to limit the percentage of requests. 10 minutes
_utmz Google Analytical Stores the traffic source or the campaign that explains how the user got to the site. 6 months
_icl_current_language WordPress Interface Identifies the user’s language. 2 years since access or change to settings
gadwp_wp WPML Analytical Google Analytics for WordPress. 2 years since access or change to settings
PHPSESSID Session Interface Used by PHP encryption language to allow session variables to be saved on the website server. No established expiry. Disappears when the website is closed.
WordPress_text_cookie WPML Check if the browser has cookies activated. End of session

Remember that you can remove them at any time or reject them before they are installed by changing your Internet browser settings. Please visit your browser’s help page to learn how to manage cookies on your computer. The indicated cookies do not collect personal information about website users. To find out more details regarding the use of these third-party cookies, you can go to the reviewed owners. Regarding Google cookies, you can consult the document: for more information.