Sertrans has 120.000 m2 of storage estrategically situated all around Spain and supplied with the most advanced equipment.


Central Offices: Our central office is situated in Sant Adrià de Besós (Barcelona) it has an aerea over than 12.000 m2. surface and offices from where we do the administrative process and where we find loadings and unloadings in the automatic docks, like the storage facilities, handling and distribution of shipments.

Logistic warehouse. Situated in Parets del Vallès (Barcelona), these facilities accommodate in its 10.000 m2 the necessary to cover the storage needs, picking and stocks control (docks, selves, beaches, radio frequency, etc.) also there´s availability suppliers and vehicles workshop aerea.

Warehouse dedicated to the monoclient in Zona Franca with 4.200 m2 surface.

2 warehouses dedicated in Sant Adrià de Besós (Barcelona) with 5.000 m2 surface.

Facilities for vehicle fleet management Sertrans in Lliçà de Vall (Barcelona). 18.000 m2. parking, repair workshop, spares workhouse, fuel dispensers, car wash, bedrooms and canteens for our drivers are some of the services that forms this big city.


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In Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) we find a second operational base with nearly 5.000 m2 where also we offer a big part of our principals services.


At the same time, in Ribarroja (Valencia) Sertrans has a base more than 2.500 m2 to guarantee more national coverage.


12.000 m2 in Gonesse (Ile-de-France) and 1.000 m2 in Marsella for the operations in French Territory. Operationals centers in Germany, Slovenia, Bulgaria y Romania.


Own facilities to control in/outs from our vehicles.

All that, without forgetting our extense network form by 45 delegations around Europe to our logistics and know how reach till our clients needs.